Design Guide for Barefoot Parks

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Starting point and foot washing


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Signposts to the starting point Hopefully local authorities will agree to signpost access roads appropriately! dornst_wegweiser.jpg (115092 Byte)
  In residential areas, additional signposts should help drivers find the shortest way. For pedestrians and cyclists, directions on the bottom are useful as well. wegweiser2.jpg (28381 Byte) bodenmarkierung.jpg (151661 Byte)
Overview board Visitors should be informed about the course of the trail and the location of the adventure stations. tafel.jpg (109691 Byte)
Shoe racks schuhregal.jpg (94856 Byte)Shoes can be kept in racks, lockers, even hung on trees etc.  dornst_schliessfach2.jpg (45492 Byte) schuhbaum.jpg (58683 Byte)
Entrance The initial passage and the walking direction have to be obvious. durchlass.jpg (135957 Byte)

Lock your shoes in a cage
and free your feet!

soell_start.jpg (81045 Byte)
The all-in-one solution A well-equipped starting point would comprise: a large overview board, a shelter with seats, lockers for shoes, convenient foot washing.

To ensure maximum touristic success, consider the option to include bathrooms and a kiosk selling food, drinks and souvenirs could also be considered.

anfang_gesamt.jpg (70212 Byte)

anfang_ausschnitt.jpg (97947 Byte) spalt_fusswasch.jpg (62369 Byte)

Foot washing Let the barefoot walker complete the journey with a true sense of achievement! hofbieber_fusswasch.jpg (44406 Byte)
  A seat at the side of a creek (if located near the starting point) facilitates foot washing. nienh_fusswasch.jpg (60182 Byte)
  A rural-style washing trough with a beam pump fascinates children. wue_pumpe.jpg (36135 Byte)
  This hydrant prevents wasting water by closing immediately after releasing the tap. mittenw_fusswasch.jpg (76703 Byte)
  Water runs at a push of a button, and the handrail helps to keep balance. so_wasch.jpg (81064 Byte)
  A shower with flexible tube is very comfortable, but easily damaged. dornst_wasch.jpg (62786 Byte)
Utilities Even little children know about the proper use of the big brush! loh_fusswasch1.jpg (50365 Byte)

[Table of contents]