Design Guide for Barefoot Parks

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Bridges for Barefoot Trails and Playgrounds


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Log wood catwalk This bridge combines crossing a ditch with a foot massage on rounded logs. cre_ochsenk.jpg (55636 Byte) hausen_staemme1.jpg (87203 Byte)
Suspension bridge maikammer_bruecke3.jpg (73635 Byte)A good combination of safety and adventure.  maikammer_bruecke.jpg (69941 Byte)
  wue_bruecke2.jpg (45104 Byte)The design of flexible bridges must prevent the risk of pinching toes.


wue_bruecke1.jpg (49409 Byte)
Rope bridge This example is a very nice solution for barefoot trails. spalt_bruecke.jpg (84488 Byte)
  Bad Sobernheim claims that its barefoot trail contains the longest suspension bridge for pedestrians in Germany. It crosses the river Nahe and is made from braided rope. During winter it is removed, and after installation in springtime it has to be examined by the Technical Inspection Agency.

Access of shod persons is forbidden, they may use a hand-driven ferry boat instead.

so_haengebruecke.jpg (116394 Byte)

so_bruck_gesamt.jpg (79112 Byte) so_bruckfuss.jpg (64229 Byte)

Consider risk of damage due to flooding! Before planning a barefoot park near a stream, it is recommended to assess the risk and potential damage of flooding. hochwasserschaden.jpg (101030 Byte)

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