Design Guide for Barefoot Parks

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Sensation paths -- wood and stones


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Wood and stones form most solid surfaces in nature and can be arranged to provide a variety of sensations to the soles and to appeal to the eye as well.
holz_steine.jpg (113493 Byte)
Walk over logs It is fun to walk across logs of 8-12 cm (3-5 inch) diameter which are installed without gaps. maik_ochsenk.jpg (139102 Byte) dudenh_ochsenk.jpg (108847 Byte)
  orb_ochsenk.jpg (63549 Byte)
Natural logs with bark give a good sensation. Be aware to avoid gaps which could jam the toes! For a change, the logs can also be installed lengthwise.
 hausen_rondell6.JPG (51657 Byte) laengsbalken.jpg (61527 Byte)
Wooden pavement Wood pavement can be created in a variety of design, is easy to maintain and looks good.

dornst_venengym.jpg (77907 Byte)

hausen_holzpflaster.jpg (72485 Byte) mittenw_holzpflaster.jpg (98772 Byte)
Boards Let people walk over a section of a tree trunk with either a flat or a rough wooden surface! nienh_bohlen.jpg (77637 Byte)
Dead wood Walking on the inner side of a hollow tree is not an everyday experience. But if such a material is available, use it despite its limited durability! hohler_baum.jpg (116316 Byte)
Cobblestones An irregular cobblestone pavement is an appealing material for a sensory station. Placement in a cohesive sand bed avoids sealing the ground. dannenw_katzenkopf.jpg (133567 Byte)
  The stones can be laid at distance. Later on, this may cause some maintenance effort to keep the surrounding vegetation short. freisen_steine.jpg (163471 Byte) zell_steine.jpg (87080 Byte)
Regional native rock If possible, include materials characteristic of the landscape, e.g. basalt stacks or sandstone. If desired, this can be advanced into a geology trail. Evi_basalt.jpg (41740 Byte) keupersandstein.jpg (93657 Byte)

Exciting variety


Various wooden and stony materials can be placed in sequence without any problem of dispersing under the feet of the visitors.

abwechselnd.jpg (127932 Byte)

abwechselnd_holz.jpg (145390 Byte)

Stone pavement Pavement is found everywhere in the cities, but obviously most people do not like to go barefoot on it.   It is not the first choice to make a nature trail interesting to the visitors! dornst_platt.jpg (63161 Byte) cre_pflaster.jpg (79486 Byte)
  For foot sensation zones in urban areas, pavement in various colors can be a very decorative accessory. buseck_edelsplitt1.jpg (77651 Byte) fr_mosaik.jpg (60032 Byte)

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