Design Guide for Barefoot Parks

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Nature Trail Stations


  Foot sensation can encourage interest in various subjects -- some examples are shown here.
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The foot as a measuring unit Since early times, the foot has been used for measuring length. This was, however, poorly standardized. To compare the regional differences, visitors can measure their feet on a foot rule showing the different dimensions.

Chinese foot  35,8 cm (14 in)
Palatine foot  33,3 cm (13 in)
Parisian foot  32,5 cm  (12  in)
Prussian foot  31,4 cm
(12 3/8 in)
English foot   30,5 cm (12 in)
Foot in Saxony 28,3 cm (11 1/8 in)
Foot in Hesse-Darmstadt  25.0 cm
(9 7/8 in)
Roman foot (lat. pes)  29,6 cm (11 5/8 in)
Early foot   27,6 cm (10 7/8 in)


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From clay to brick This station shows the traditional way to produce bricks from clay. ziegel_tafel.jpg (158284 Byte)
ziegel.jpg (87304 Byte)
Geology trail Geology need not be learned as a dry subject but can be experienced with the senses. While the feet are feeling different kinds of rock textures, the geological history of earth is explained on instructive boards.  
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Animal traces In 2006, Bruno was the first brown bear to visit southern Germany after a bearless span of 170 years. Eventually a nervous Minister for Environment and Health ordered his shooting.

Shortly before opening the Barefoot hiking trail at Mittenwald, Bruno left his traces close to this location (and fed on some sheep). Therefore a barefoot trail station was dedicated to him. The ways he tramped around were depicted on a board and his footprints were replicated as stepping stones. In comparison, stout male feet appear quite graceful!

bruno_tafel.jpg (150608 Byte) mittenw_bruno.jpg (51210 Byte)
Fakes and jokes Authors of medieval travel reports tended to invent fanciful stories about countries they never had visited. Thus it is not surprising that the extinct monopod, who used his one oversized foot as a sunshade, left his huge footprint in the area of the Barefoot Park Dannenwalde. Visitors can help dig it out..... dannenw_skiapt.jpg (167057 Byte) dannenw_sliap.jpg (81243 Byte)

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