Design Guide for Barefoot Parks

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Stations for sensory experience


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Tactile sense Tactile boxes need regular inspection. A cover to fold up makes this easier. spalt_tastkaesten.jpg (93761 Byte)
Visual sense A board describing the panorama inspires conscious, more observant viewing. mittenw_panorama.jpg (86393 Byte)
  A nice garden appeals to the eyes. bepflanzung.jpg (435704 Byte)
Hearing Examples are a humming stone with a hollow area, which amplifies the voice after inserting the head, or a stack of sound stones, which chime in varying pitch if struck with a pebble. summstein.jpg (64676 Byte) soell_klangsteine.jpg (59840 Byte)
Smelling This station and further sensory experience ideas can be inspected in the Park mit allen Sinnen in Gutach/Black Forest. gutach_riechen.jpg (47228 Byte)

Certainly nearby restaurants will welcome barefooters!

lu_wirtschaft.jpg (29196 Byte)

[Table of contents]