Design Guide for Barefoot Parks

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Playground Equipment for Barefoot Activity


  Most playground items that comply with established security standards, can be used barefoot and therefore included in a barefoot park.

Some well-tried items are shown here. Do-it-yourself constructions with moving parts are not recommended. Instead the risk of injury shall be minimized by purchasing approved models from well-established manufacturers.

enlargeable thumbnails:
Chain walk This is a favored item of most barefoot parks. pz_wackelbruecke2.jpg (83584 Byte)
  The shaky variant without handrail. so_wackelweg.jpg (90250 Byte)
Moving bridge Less wobbly is a balancing bridge with joints between the rounded wooden parts. dornst_balbr.jpg (59881 Byte) balbr_detail.jpg (61943 Byte)
Wobbling beam A revolving balance beam is a special attraction -- see also this video (2,8 MB). Everyone wants to know if he can make it, but needs the help of the others in the beginning. wackelbalken.jpg (103038 Byte)
Rocking feet Boards shaped like footprints and mounted on spiral springs are great fun. fuesse.jpg (82762 Byte) fuesse_detail.jpg (103966 Byte)
Slackline A 5 cm broad slackline is spanned between trees or pillars. A guiding string above with a movable cord helps the amateurs to keep equilibrium. This doesn't, however, guarantee elegance.... band.jpg (98561 Byte)
Zip-line Barefoot above sandy ground, the glissade is real fun. soell_seilrutsche.jpg (53851 Byte) dornst_seilrutsche.jpg (59222 Byte)
Tarzan swing A hanging rope with a thick knot serves to cross the pond like Tarzan. soell_schaukel.jpg (87337 Byte)
Fountain jumping This special pump invites visitors to jump on it and get surrounding people wet. dornst_font.jpg (94521 Byte)
Water playground A versatile arrangement for retaining and bypassing water -- and scrambling on it with bare feet ... dornst_wasserspiel.jpg (76940 Byte)
  ... and splashing around in the sand below. pz_matschen.jpg (88633 Byte)
  The example of the Witches' Water in Tyrol shows how to design a really spacious water playground. soell_wasserrinne.jpg (57243 Byte) soell_wasserspiel.jpg (68203 Byte)
Archimedian screw This device can allow the big brother to wind up water for washing the little sister's feet ... cre_archschraube.jpg (70493 Byte)
Trampoline, climbing, carrousel, swing...

... and so on

dornst_trampolin.jpg (74570 Byte) dornst_klettern.jpg (45498 Byte) dornst_karussell.jpg (75460 Byte)

reifenschaukel.jpg (59624 Byte) seilbruecke.jpg (93480 Byte)


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