Design Guide for Barefoot Parks

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Stairs and ladders


  At steep descends, stairs may prevent inexperienced barefooters from slipping and suffering injury.
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Stone stairs Steps of rough stone prevent slipping on slopes. hech_treppe.jpg (90314 Byte)
Somewhat irregular natural flagstones are well suited for stairs in barefoot parks
 bernina02.jpg (35432 Byte) murnau_steintreppe.jpg (58669 Byte)
Lying ladders Stepping uphill from rung to rung is a nice balancing exercise.


reutte_hühnerleiter.jpg (70840 Byte)
  nienh_klettern.jpg (67954 Byte)

A handrail provides more safety and is especially recommended in downhill direction.

spalt_treppe1.jpg (103509 Byte)

leiter_detail.jpg (137031 Byte)

Wooden stairs with different materials Stairs can have varying wooden surface or gaps to be filled with all kinds of material. To avoid mixing, loose materials should not change from step to step.


mittenw_treppe.jpg (128399 Byte)
  gutach_treppe.jpg (68591 Byte)Various foot sensation materials can be placed within the stairs: pavestones as well as sand, and even mud. sandtreppe.jpg (84801 Byte) meissner_treppe.jpg (79040 Byte)

[Table of contents]