Soell in Tyrol,
"Witches' Water" with barefoot trail

Holiday region "Wilder Kaiser"

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Inspired by legends about witches who supposedly had lived there in former times, the recreation area at the middle station of the cable car of Soell has become an imaginative theme park dealing with water, landscape and sensory experience.

The area contains a barefoot trail of about one mile's length. It begins with a short way uphill over a meadow, where a beehouse can be visited. This is followed by a 200 m water trail with a soil of big stones and some gravel that effects an intense massage to the soles.

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Then a resting place is reached, some steps can be made on agreeable lawn, and chime-stones invite to play a piece of music. Then the way goes downhill over fine gravel and enjoyable pine bark and contains sensation and experience stations like a peat basin. After this, feet can be washed at the "Witches' Laundry" in the brook.

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The loop continues on forest and meadow trails and reaches the "Stöcklalm", where the guests can have their meal and footbath at the same time.

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Finally the visitor finds himself in the heart oft the Witches' Water with its branched water trails and walkable ponds. Turning to the left, you can step up the Witches' Ladder and have fun with pumping water upward and wetting your fellows.

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At the end of the round trail, visitors can recreate their feet in a water-wading basin.

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The area around the Witches' Water lies within an impressive mountain scenery and has become a real paradise for everyone who likes to "live on free feet". Even the step-up to the mountain "Hohe Salve" and the lookout on the summit is feasible without shoes.

The Witches' Water costs no entrance fee. Visitors can step up or pay for the cable car.  Until the middle of May everything is prepared to welcome the guests.

Soell is situated near the valley of the river Inn, at a ten minutes driving distance from Kufstein (see this scheme). Sign posts lead to the cable car. The origin of the barefoot trail is close to the exit at the middle station.

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